Turn 2016 around with MALFNKTION’s new ethnic electronica album, Vote For Worms

After his success with experimental debut EP Hindustani Rascal (a mixture of electronic and hip-hop music layered over Indian film samples), MALFNKTION is back again with his unique sound, this time leaning heavily towards trip-hop while still maintaining traces of those traditional sounds we’ve gotten used to so much.


Adi À la Muru began making music in 2012, when he was living in Pittsburgh, USA. Having just completed his degree in Acoustics and Sound Design, he used to attend open mics three to four times a week, collaborating with other artists and learning the basics of music production. But it was not until he returned to India in 2013 that he began the electronic project MALFNKTION, influenced by the growing music scene in Mumbai.

Inspired by artists like Chinese Man and C2C, he wanted to create an original sound that resonated with Indian culture, and he managed to do just that with Hindustani Rascal. His second album Vote for Worms is a continuation of this concept, but introduces minimalism, dance and uptempo rhythms.

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