The new EP ‘Transcendence’ from Three Oscillators lives up to its name

Made for introspection as much as chilled out parties, the ‘Transcendence’ EP is an intriguing listen from Three Oscillators, an electronic duo from Mumbai consisting of jwala co-founder Brij Dalvi and Avit Rane. The first track Ethereal sets the stage of the album with an intergalactic vibe before moving on the slightly more retro sounds of the title track of the album. The landscape and vibes that they’ve established are further explored in the next two tracks with a lot more melodies, and with Moongazing ending on a somber note.

Our Pick: Dystopian Fantasy

How did the members of the Three Oscillators meet and decide to make music together?

I think it was 2014 when Shreyas, his cousin, Avit, and I (Brij) actually started something. Avit had just picked up learning about music-making software and made this random piano pattern and sent it to me. I got an idea for a track and we made it in about 5 days and put it out. Pretty horrendous track; it was regular EDM and super distorted, but it was the start of something. We kept making “bangers” before we realized it wasn’t taking us anywhere, therefore the drastic change in style. We did a lot of introspection and learned a lot of new stuff to get to our style of music today. Shreyas has since left Three Oscillators to focus on his video production/360 video stuff as GoGrilla, so it’s just Avit and me now.

The ‘Transcendence’ EP is a whole different ballgame compared to your songs like Ghettobeat and Disneyland. Was that a conscious shift in sound?

Ghettobeat and Disneyland were just ideas floating around that we couldn’t finish so we decided to upload it as is. We were always making chill music but we aren’t afraid to experiment with different styles. The next EP might be a different style. Or not. Time will tell!

How’s the response been so far?

People have loved it, and to be honest, we’ve been pretty surprised by the local response. It’s been shared in a couple of music groups and people outside of our circles, which was a first for both of us. We’re pretty happy with the response it has gotten.

Name 3 artists both of you love or are influenced by.

Quite a tough choice, but we’re going with Altered Tensions, Moderat and Phonat.

brij and avit from three oscillators

image courtesy of three oscillators

Do you prefer making music or performing?

Making, any day. We’re introverts with internet access and we’d always prefer sitting at home and making more music and putting it out online than playing it outside in clubs where people care more about their beer and gossip rather than what’s playing. We love playing at places where people come for the music, like any REProduce Listening Room. They’re changing the game for the better.

What’s next for you?

As I mentioned earlier, time will tell! Avit is busy with his 12th grade exams and I’m busy with my job but we keep making time to do this. It’s a task but the efforts are always fruitful. We’ve got some unreleased music and we’re just going to make new music quietly, while intermittently putting some of it out on jwala’s compilations or on EPs with 3-4 tracks. There are plans for an album, probably next year. Who knows?

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