SundogProject’s new album is one of the BEST we’ve heard this year – and we talk to them about it

SundogProject is a multi-genre band from Delhi founded by Rahul Das. After their successful debut album, they’ve now released their second record Tora almost exactly 3 years later — and if you listen to it, you’ll realize that it was well worth the wait. Everything from the arrangement of the songs to their sequence on the album has an aura of having been determined after meticulous calculation, to produce something that’s artistically brilliant.

Before reading on to see what Rahul has to say about the album, give it a listen first.


1. There’s been a long gap between your first album and this release. How does it feel to finally get this album out?
It feels good. The underlying theme of this album is closure. A lot of time also passed between its inception and completion, almost like an entire phase of my life. So literally and thematically a lot has been let go by releasing this album.

2. Your record has a radically different sound from most bands. What inspires you, and how much work goes into each of these songs?
I do make it a point for it to sound a bit different than what I think is generic. I feel following a certain genre is very easy and there isn’t much exploration when its concerned. It is inspiring and fun to hear something you’ve made which doesn’t sound like what you’re used to hearing day in and day out.

3. Tora is a well-balanced mix of heavy and light songs. Was that a conscious decision?
Yes. As I said, the underlying theme of Tora is closure but the physical theme or the overlay of it is inspired from the word Tora itself. Tora is a Bengali word which means “a rough bouquet of assorted flowers”. I placed the songs in such a way that every track, when heard in a flow, would sound different to each other. Every track has a distinct color and taste (just like an assorted multi colored bouquet).


4. The album’s sound seems to rely a lot on mood and imagery. In terms of gigs, will we have visuals to look forward to?
Yes. The live would and should ideally have visuals or bespoke lighting. I have always tried to make Sundog shows an audio visual ‘experience’ of sorts.

5. Which is your personal favourite track from the album?
My personal favourite is either Deity or Vajra. Both are ambient tracks and were made in one sitting, regurgitating all the vibe and the moods of that moment. I personally love music to be transcendental of sorts, as in you start at a point and end at a point. I feel those songs, if heard in the right mood and setting, can trigger some kind of transcendence (I know it’s a weird word and sounds new age-y) of sorts….I guess.

6. What can we look forward to from you in the near future?
More and more music. I am already working on the 3rd album. It is quite ambitions and I am very excited. There will be an EP in between (hopefully sometime next year). I should add everyone who buys the new album though Bandcamp gets a little EP of bonus material as well.

Tora (+ a little EP of bonus material, like Rahul said) can be purchased here for just USD3 (200 rupees).


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