LISTEN: Mug£n’s new track ‘Sad Beginnings Have Happy Endings’

Suvam Debnath AKA Mug£n is the new electronic artist on the scene to know. Not only has he been featured on a variety of playlists and mixtapes, he’s also played at the Listening Room, which was his debut gig, and will soon be playing at the New Wave Asia Music Fest at Raasta Bombay on 29th October. His sets are a hybrid of a DJ and a live set. Although he only started doing music 2 years back in college and wasn’t serious about it back then, music slowly became a big part of his life. Things started looking up for this 22-year-old when he quit his job a few months back to pursue music full-time.

Mugen looking down face covered

The name itself was inspired by the anime character Mugen from Samurai Champloo, whose character resonated with Suvam as soon as he saw him. Not only that, he loves the way “Mug£n” sounds, and thought it’d be fitting for his stage name.

Sad Beginnings Have Happy Endings is the first track to be released from his upcoming EP, ‘Genesis’. The EP is about him coming out from his phase of depression. “It was done in a week, and the whole process was natural and organic,” Suvam says, “instead of having to force myself to make tracks.” The tracks are pretty much in the same order as he wrote them, and they should be listened to that way to fully grasp what the EP is about. Sad Beginnings Have Happy Endings is the last track on the EP, which signifies coming out of the bad phase.

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