Introducing electronic producer Mero with his new single ‘Blue’

Mero, born Gillian Kharshiing, is a music producer from Shillong, currently based in Dublin, Ireland. With an abundance of electronic producers in the mix, it might be hard to stand out. But the nine tracks up on his Soundcloud so far all speak for themselves. A relaxing blend of melodic tunes and complex rhythms is Gillian’s niche. Surprisingly, Gillian has no music background. He only started producing music last year, after he joined a Sound Engineering and Music Production course at the Sound Training College in Dublin, which shows that it’s never too late to start.

Gilliann credits his knack for forming well-structured songs to the broad range of music he listened to when he was younger and his tendency to study the compositions of artists. As long as a particular sound or structure catches him off guard, he’ll listen to any genre of music. He cites Fakear, Bonobo, Maribou State and KAASI as influences for his songs.

Mero AKA Gill Jacobs playing live

image courtesy of mero

When asked about the part music plays in his life, Gillian says it’s still too early to make a call on whether it’ll be a full-time profession. But he’s working hard to make this dream of his come true one step at a time. In a few more years, he hopes to be doing gigs around the world. And his dream might not be too far-fetched. He’s already been playing at several venues in and around Dublin with his friends at Modem, a live collective of electronic artists.

Here’s hoping that Gillian releases a full-fledged album soon, because frankly, nine songs aren’t enough.

Check out his latest single, Blue:


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