LOL Issue #17 – Food For The Soul

1. Gospel Salt, Andrea Gibson (Poem)

…Either way, this world
has picked me enough times for its madness vase
for me to know sanity is not
running from the window when the lightning comes.

It’s turning thunder into grace,
knowing sometimes the break in your heart
is like the hole in the flute.

Sometimes it’s the place
where the music comes through.


2. Pop Art by Maria Qamar, @hatecopy

Centred around themes of cultural appropriation, you can read more about the artist’s vision here.


3. For All the Children From Uttar Pradesh to Gaza, Diya Bose (Poem)

All I have left is this
lump in my throat
that I polish everyday.
Because it’s made of all the poison I have swallowed in this world,
it may be of use to you someday,
when you look for something with which
to sharpen your spine.


4. Maybe We Can Make a Circle by Nicole Piasecki (Epistolary Memoir)

After your husband shot my dad, a pocket of time existed where my dad was not gone, and it was still just a Thursday in December. I was still just a teenager, happily riding the Stairmaster at MedSport looking through icy windows with paper snowflakes taped to them. My brother, Brian, was still just a fresh-faced Private First Class, wrenching bolts on the engines of fleet vehicles at the Marine base in Okinawa, Japan. My mom was still a wife of 26 years and a middle school special education teacher at a neighboring school district.

You were still just my favorite high school teacher — the one who made me love words.


5. Notes on missing people by Swastika Jajoo (Poem)

nostalgia is a heavy word, like a generous dollop of half a dream on a platter of already consumed madness. it is the kind of promise that i find at the base of my throat; it loves, strangles, leaves, stirs. when it wakes, it may break either into a cough or a kiss.


6.  How to live unhappily ever after by Augusten Burroughs (Essay)

But holes are interesting things. As it happens, we human beings are able to live just fine with many holes of many sizes and shapes. Pleasure, love, compassion, fulfillment; these things do not leak out of holes of any size. So we can be filled with holes and loss and wide expanses of unhealed geography — and we can also be excited by life and in love and content at the exact same moment.


Special Feature: Le Clitoris – Animated Documentary (2016) by Lori Malépart-Traversy

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