LISTEN: THE FAMILY CHEESE’s fun debut album

We don’t throw around the word “fun” just like that when it comes to music, but there’s really no other way to describe The Family Cheese’s self-titled album that they dropped 2 weeks ago. Imagine you’re hopping onto a train with no cash in hand (not that hard to imagine thanks to Modi-ji). And imagine the adventures that follow in the form of rap verses, guitar riffs and everything in between (including a track named B.O.O.B – beats us what that stands for, but let us know if you find out).

And if you’re more of the serious type, there are tracks for you too, like Sometimes All You Need Is A Good Friend. Listen to snippets of their songs here on OK Listen, and purchase it for just 160 bucks if you like what you hear!

These tracks were made for grooving along to at a gig, though. The good news is, The Family Cheese starts touring tomorrow! Check out the closest gig to you, and don’t miss out on a fun night.


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