LISTEN: Vishnu Kumar’s feel-good EP Sitting In The Same Place makes you want to do anything but

Sitting In The Same Place is a toe-tapping debut EP from Vishnu Kumar, singer-songwriter from New Delhi. This is hardly his first venture though. Guitarist of Delhi based metalcore/hardcore band IAFWAY back in 2009, and more recently founder/guitarist/vocalist of alternative rock band May Island, Vishnu already has quite a bit of experience under his belt — and it shows in his new EP.


When asked about Sitting In The Same Place, Vishnu said, “It is all the words I want to say as an individual, in this moment, packed with the kind of music that I feel good making. I enjoy working with an acoustic/slightly unplugged setup and supporting it with layers of other electronic instruments. With this solo project, I just want to write and compose a lot more, and discover new things I can do musically. I am also very fond of collaborating with other artists (visual artists as well as musicians), so that is definitely on the cards.”

He assures us that we can expect more music from him in 2017. For now, you can buy his EP here.


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