Stay Ahead Of Fashion With One Of These Leather Jackets

Move over, tricked out denim jackets. It’s 2018, and this is the year to be turning heads with one of these gorgeous crossover leather jackets from Lakshmi Soul, a boutique based in Asturias, Spain.

It All Started With One Girl’s Love For India

isa martinez lakshmi soul owner

image courtesy of isa martinez

When Isa Martínez was a child, she loved customizing her clothes with her grandmother so she’d have special clothes to wear to school. In her teens, she developed an interest in Indian culture. After years of ravaging information online and from books, Isa got the chance to travel all the way to India and immerse herself in the culture.

But it was during her second trip to India with her husband that her brainchild was born, when she saw an Indian bride wearing the traditional wedding attire. She finally had the vision of the product she wanted to share with the world.

Lakshmi Soul – Wearing Love Stories

lakshmi soul leather jacket

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She was going to customize urban clothes with patches of used lehenga from Indian brides.

This quickly became one of the essentials of the Lakshmi Soul product. “When you are wearing a Lakshmi Soul jacket, you are wearing an authentic bride lehenga, used in the most important day of a woman, the day of her wedding,” Isa explains. “It means that you are wearing a piece of a dream, a piece of love…all the feelings a piece of cloth could say of that day, and that’s why our brand slogan is ‘Lakshmi Soul – wearing love stories.'”

Customized AND Eco-Friendly

lakshmi soul leather jacket

image courtesy of lakshmi soul

Every jacket takes about a week to make, starting from the design to the sewing process, which is done by Isa herself, as she believes that the final essence of any piece of clothing should be the touch of the designer.

The patches of lehenga are sewn onto jackets that are manufactured using ecoleather and denim. The brand is committed to “no furs” and believes in a sustainable world. All the materials they use in their business including bags and labels are from recycled items.

One-Of-A-Kind Jackets

The best thing about these jackets? Every single piece is absolutely unique with its very own serial number. This means that if you buy a jacket from Lakshmi Soul, you’ll truly be the only one in the world who owns it.

When you buy one of these jackets, you’ll receive in the shipment a keychain with the serial number of your jacket and the Lakshmi Soul logo. The whole benefit of this keychain will be donated to an NGO (yet to be selected).

But where to buy one?

The Lakshmi Soul website where you can place orders and read more about the process is still under construction. But fret not! If you don’t want to miss the chance to get your unique leather jacket and other customized products like shirts and accessories, you can follow Lakshmi Soul on social media for updates.

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