The first edition of IMM|GR^NT is about to kick off with powerhouse talents from the UK

Designed to be a monthly live property that showcases international artists, IMM|GR^NT is all set to kick off its first edition in some of India’s most prominent venues, with an impressive line-up of artists: hip-hop artist Akala who’s headlined 7 tours, performed at festivals like Glastonbury, and supported the likes of Jay-Z and Nas & Damian Marley; DJ Cheeba who, with his unique style of turntablism and knack for video manipulation, has produced chart-topping video mixes and commissioned projects for the likes of Led Zeppelin; and Selectah Si Chai, a curator in every sense of the word, whose sets are a plethora of groundbreaking music from every genre.


DJ Cheeba associates the word India with words like culture, music, history, colour, festival and spice, and he’s managed to convey all that in this stunning minimix. Following this promo video, we were lucky enough to have a little chat with him.

“This will be my first time in India, touring or otherwise. I’m super excited to soak up the atmosphere and meet new people. With all the places I have traveled around the world touring, it’s always the people I meet that leave the biggest impression on me,” he says. “I’m also thrilled to be bringing my new show to India and doing a workshop. I really hope people dig it and learn something about the direction I’m trying to take audio visual art.”

We also asked him about how he feels about getting to play in a still-emerging scene like India. “I’m honoured to dip into the scene in India at this time. I’ve been checking out loads of local music from all genres for years now. The passion and energy in an emerging scene is obvious and tangible whereas here in the UK, artists and fans can sometimes get desensitised and take it all for granted. It’s playing to an audience with that kind of excitement that I’m really looking forward to.”

And for any new and upcoming artists reading this, he has a piece of advice: stop doing things that you think would make you popular or profitable and do things that creatively engage you instead. “If you’re doing something courageous and creative with passion and heart, your fans will connect with it and thank you for it,” he adds.


Mar 30 / Summer House Cafe, Mumbai
Mar 31 / Euriska, Pune
Apr 1 / Bandstand, Delhi (w/ Prabh Deep, Sez and Sun J)

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