LISTEN: Kumail Hamid’s new EP, ‘From You To Blue’

From You To Blue is an extremely thoughtful name, reflecting on both the content and the subtle tone of the album. But there’s still an air of nonchalance about it, the kind that pulls you in. It’s no wonder that this EP is one you’d want to keep returning to, in all its entirety.


The control of space, the sparing use of vocals in all the right places, the predictability in just the right doses, the sequence of the tracks themselves–Kumail Hamid has it all down to a tee. He’s had a busy weekend, thanks to his EP launch and his involvement at Budweiser’s Boiler Room, but we managed to have a little chat with him.

Who are your influences?
Knxwledge, King Krule and Shigeto.

What’s your creative process?
I don’t really know how to answer that. It’s always different.

Which is your personal favourite song off the album?
February (the intro track).

Do you conceptualize the artwork/how much involvement do you have in the visual side?
Not really, I’ve always liked to leave it up to the artist. I sent Alex the EP, gave him a little back story, told him to do his thing and this was the first thing he sent me.

How do you think this album has turned out as compared to your previous ones?
I think it’s turned out very well. I’m proud of it. It’s got flow. It’s got a sound and It works as a piece.

What’s next for you?
I really want to do a Europe tour and another full length album.

Anything else you want to add.
Buy the album. (HERE)


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