Cybernation frontman Hex is set to release with his new band, Entity of Hate

If you’re still bummed out over the change of musical direction Cybernation (formerly known as Diabolus Arcanium) took, here’s something for you to look forward to: a brand new Melodic death/black band called Entity of Hate, with Hex on vocals, lead guitars and keyboards, Virgil on backing vocals and rhythm guitars, Karry on bass, and A.S. on drums.

The band’s music is a mixture of melodies, super-fast riffs and guitar solos infused with melodic, atmospheric keyboards(and the occasional keyboard solos). The songs feature shrieked and snarled black metal style vocals along with neo-classical shredded/sweeped solos by Hex and lots of counter melodies by Virgil (who joins the shred zone now and then), inspired by power metal/neo-classical bands.

The lyrical theme focuses on anger, hatred, depression, mental agony and psychological conditions, all written by Hex. For influence, Entity of Hate looks upon Children Of Bodom, Kalmah, Dimmu Borgir, Yngwie Malmsteen and classical composers such as JS Bach, Niccolò Paganini.


EOH is scheduled to release their debut single titled Blood On My Hands this January 20th, followed by their debut EP later in Feb.

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