Droolfox paint a pretty picture with their debut single

Paint A Picture is the debut single from Bangalore-based dreampop/synthwave duo Droolfox, which consists of Joel Sakkari and Jitesh Jadwani.

The project started a few months ago and has finally taken off with Paint A Picture, written and sung by Jitesh and produced by Joel. Most of us are occupied with things we don’t want to do, but we do them because we have to. Paint A Picture talks about the space everyone needs to express themselves and be who they are, like going on a holiday alone or spending time with loved ones without any worries.

The album art reflects this notion. It is a picture taken by Joel while he was on a holiday in the forests of Northeast India. The song draws a lot of inspiration from ’80s pop music in terms of sound while still maintaining a modern vibe.

Listen to the song below:

Stream/buy Paint A Picture via iTunes. Follow Droolfox on FACEBOOK/INSTAGRAM for updates.

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