DIY: Plant Pot

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Welcome to House_zzat where you can find a wide variety of cost-effective DIY home decor ideas. Today we’ll show you how to turn a boring and shabby-looking plant pot into a vibrant and quirky one!

The above pictures suggest the pot needs a major DIY change for it to pop out and look striking.



  1. A basic pot (plastic/terrecotta)
  2. White spray paint
  3. Matt chalk acrylic paint
  4. Fabric paint
  5. Paint brushes



For this, you could either get a plain black pot from any plant nursery, or order it online. All you need is a spray paint which can be a colour of your choice. Shake the can for a minute before you spray the pot and cover the surroundings with newspaper so that it does not spray all over. Once you are done spraying, the pot will look something like this:


To add some fun to the pot, use the MATT CHALK FINISH ACRYLIC PAINT. This could also be a colour of your choice. Here, we went for turquoise. Draw out a shape of your liking and fill in with the paint.


Paint quirky words or offbeat quotes to make it stand out. You could use the FEVICRYL HOBBY IDEAS fabric paint to do the same.


That’s it! Your pot is ready for display. You could place it either in the garden, washroom or indoors. Grow plants as they not only help in purifying the environment, but also work wonders as a home decor tool.

DISCLAIMER: DO TRY IT AT HOME!  We’d love to see what you guys come up with in the comments below.

Have a fun weekend! Until next time.


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