LOL — Issue #13

Hi Again! Good/Bad Saturday Morning! Either way, are you paying attention to it?

This is LOL 🤣, Weekly List of Lit issue #13! You can know about what this curation is and why I started it, here.


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you can follow LOL: Weekly List of Lit Medium Publication. AlsoThe exciting part is that you can help me curate using LOL Link Sharer Google Extension I made. You can read about how to use it here and install it here.

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Here’re this week’s links:

The Ongoing Partition: What Happens When You’re Both Indian and Pakistani

Sometimes love is destructive #prose #poetsofinstagram #poems #love #poetrycommunity

A post shared by Hope Noelle (@noelle_prose) on

Graduation, and being a Mom.

Choosing (Poem) by use brooke

Binary (Poem) by Mason Jay

Someone I’ll Love Ocean Vuong (Poem) by Ocean Vuong

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