LOL Issue #12 — (7–13 May, ’17)

Hi Again! Good/Bad Saturday Morning! Either way, are you paying attention to it?

This is LOL 🤣, Weekly List of Lit issue #12! You can know about what this curation is and why I started it, here.


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you can follow LOL: Weekly List of Lit Medium Publication. AlsoThe exciting part is that you can help me curate using LOL Link Sharer Google Extension I made. You can read about how to use it here and install it here.

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Actually let’s just skip the contents altogether, the headlines of the pieces are self explanatory.

Discovered: Hemingway’s 99-Year-Old Letters to His High School Crush

Sex and the Sanskari Gynaec

My mum, the pilot (in 1960s)

The Nothingness of Watching Raindrops (Essay)

Harnidh tries gracious erotic poetry for the first time:

Harnidh is the author of her wonderful poetry collection The Inability of Words

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