LOL Issue #8, (April 9–15, ‘17)


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1: ( Humor Essay | Blogpost ): 
The Aftermaths of Having Fun: An NYU’s Freshman’s Account of playing Holi (The Indian Festival of Colours)

2: ( Slam Poem ):“You Say I’m a Boring House Wife?”

3: ( Photograph Essay ): Photographs of the living roots bridge.

4: ( Poem ): “Study Leave”

5: ( Oil Painting ): “The Wanderer”

6: ( Poem/Free Verse): "Midnight Promises"

7: ( Humor Essay ): "Why Cockroaches are Vampires, India Toilet Squat Struggles and Other Things"

1. The Aftermaths of Having Fun

An NYU student’s experience of playing Holi (The Indian Festival Of Colours). Excerpt:

I remembered the tasteful pastel streaks and megawatt smiles of the Facebook Colour Runners and contrasted those images with my own practically orange complexion. Apart from my eyelids and lips, every inch of my face looked like a four-year-old had gone to town on it with a paint roller and vats of Sherwin-Williams. Alternatively, I looked like I’d been thrown into a blender.

2. Slam Poem by Cecilia Abraham

Film by Freddie Storm

3. The Living Root Bridge at Padu City, Meghalaya, India. 

Photographs by Shrutika Priyadarshini, Near Mawlynnong village, the cleanest city of Asia.

4. “Study Leave”, a poem by Mihir Chitre

Mihir is the author of Hyphenated published by Sahitya Akademi. You can check it out here:

5. “The Wanderer” by Jazeel Jazim

The wanderer #oilpaint #oil #art #architecture #surreal

A post shared by Jazeel Jazim (@jazeeljazim) on

6. Midnight Promises, by Janet Catherina, the co-founder of theorijinal. Excerpts: 

7. Why Cockroaches Are Vampires, Indian Toilet Squat Struggles, And Other Things


The Bad Design of Most English Style Toilets :p

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