Music Monday #7

Art by Vijay Sudarsan

Music Monday is an Orijinal initiative, for everyone who wants to discover new music organically. It is a playlist of songs collated from the comments of our followers the week before, and posted every Monday. They’re classified into two sections — songs we’d like to light up to, and songs we wouldn’t. Our personal favourites are indicated by hearts next to them.

To join in, all you’ve to do is follow these steps:

  1. Think of a song that’s been stuck in your head all week.
  2. Post it in the comments below.
  3. Wait for the next Music Monday post.

Note: This is NOT an outlet for you to share your own music. You can head on down to our submissions page instead.



Amber Run – I Found
Nina Simone – Feeling Good
John Mayer – Gravity
Broods – Bridges
Jumo – Nomade
Two Feet – Go Fuck Yourself ♥♥
Sofia Karlberg – A Bible of Mermaid Pictures
Aqualung – Good Times Gonna Come ♥♥


Not Laid-back:

Stereophonics – I Wanna Get Lost With You
Xanwow – Journey
Eugene McGuinness – Monsters Under The Bed
Oasis – Sad Song
Hopium – Dreamers (feat. Phoebe Lou)


Our Rec of the Week:

Flume – Heater
Harley Streten, known as Flume, is an Australian producer/musician/DJ. He’s a prominent figure in the downtempo/triphop scene, and also known for his numerous collaborations with Nick Murphy (FMA Chet Faker). Heater is a feel-good track released off his latest EP, the companion to his Skin LP.

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