Cover Wheel: The Beatles, Megadeth and more

Souchito Chakraborty is a 2nd year student from Amity University, Kolkata. He’s a self-trained musician who sings, and plays the piano and the guitar. He prefers soft western oldies.


Vicky Mahanta is from Guwahati, and living in Bangalore for the last 12 years. He’s a network engineer by profession, but a musician by heart. He’s played drums for several bands in Guwahati and Bangalore.


This acoustic Mario theme is performed by Vasu Sharma and Vinay Krishna, students of Shiv Nadar University.


Eesha Suchi is a playback singer, best known for her songs Oraoppi Bokka and Mounada in Tulu. She was born into a musical family.



Here at The Orijinal, we bring you covers by musicians from all over India, and covers of Indian songs, at the end of every week. If you want a submit a cover, you can do it here.

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