What is music monday?

Music Monday is a lot like your average potluck, except everyone’s from different backgrounds, ANYONE is welcome to join, and half of whatever’s shared is laced with something. And what we’re sharing isn’t food, it’s music (god knows I wish it was food).

This is for the music lovers, not for the musically obnoxious. I stopped relying on music magazines/websites a long time ago because I realized that half the people working there were on crack. Instead, I turned to the one place I knew would never fail me–my friends.

Don’t tell me you’ve never given a pendrive to a friend and asked them to copy some new tracks for you. This is pretty much the same thing–minus the pendrive and the geographical barriers and your friend’s annoying short term memory loss. And of course, like every potluck, YOU have to contribute something too. If this sounds like the kinda party you want to go to, what are you waiting for?

Start by commenting on the latest post here.

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