Music Monday: The Archives #5

Guess who finally started working. I can’t think of any Monday I needed this post more than I do today. And on that bittersweet note…


Tender Surrender – Steve Vai
Candy Says – The Velvet Underground
You and Me (ft Eliza Doolittle) – Disclosure
Heathens – twenty one pilots
Feeling Good – Nina Simone
Sukiyaki – Kyu Sakamoto

Not Laid-Back:

Progenies of the Great Apocalypse – Dimmu Borgir
Chandelier – Sia
Silver to Crimson – Stevie
Psycho – Muse ♥♥
Quantum Flux – Northlane
You Say – Black Letters
Pursuit – Gesaffelstein
Drift – Erra


My Song of The Week:

Okay that Japanese song in the list has taken me back to my j/kpop times. I don’t care if you think Big Bang is too mainstream to even listen to. This song is worth it. And really the best thing to listen to when you’re down. ♥

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