Music Monday: The Archives #4

First first first, check out my most favourite song from last week’s recommendations, Hey Becky by Stevie.



Touch – Shura
Dark Paradise – Lana Del Rey ♥
Guillotine (ft. Travis Mendes) – Jon Bellion ♥♥
Jazz It At Home – Birdy Nam Nam
My Mistakes Were Made For You – The Last Shadow Puppets
Clouds – Imagined Herbal Flows ♥♥
Who Says – John Mayer ♥♥
Wastelands of Sleep – Hawkwind ♥ (if there was ever music taking me somewhere…this is it)

Not Laid-Back:

Arcadia – LEAH
Daydreamer – Young The Giant
Woke The Fuck Up – Jon Bellion
Hymn For The Missing – RED
Stuck Somewhere (ft. Sean Price) – Hi-Rez
Rot – Northlane
Blind Side – SKYHARBOR
State of Mind – Machine Gun Kelly
On The Radio – Regina Spektor

My song of the week:

Such a sucker for everything about this song. And if anyone knows who wrote the lyrics to this song, pleasepleaseplease tell me. I’m in love. And I’ll just leave them here, so you can fall in love too:

What is a criminal what’s a code of honor// what is a criminal and what’s a code of honor when the lines blur away/ you’ll either burn or gather warmth from a fire, depends how close you play, close you play// don’t want a kingdom just the space between my temples, pray it never fades away/ I’ve seen the weight of guilt ware a man down,but it couldn’t kill his fight away he’s still fighting away//

Are we designed to feel fear before honor// danger designed into our tears before love has its time to find a place to stay/ though I have learned the only enemy to fear is the self locked up in hide away, hidden away// I’ve come from shame, come from fury, from pride and I’ll wear it all till I leave this place// under the it all is an infinite soul, and it’s never gonna die away, dying away

Tiny lines across your palms, can never brush brush em away
what’s written has been written for a time you couldn’t even comprehend
move away from the danger design before it eat eats you away
tiny lines across your palms, can never brush brush em away

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