Music Monday: The Archives #2

Yay, it’s Monday again. Yup, never thought I’d say that sentence. #missionaccomplished

Now, listening to all the songs you guys commented was easy enough. Compiling them, on the other hand, was a headache. I love organisation but I hate having to find systems. And it doesn’t really help that genres are getting more and more obscure. So to make things easier, and because, at heart, I’m just a lazy cavewoman, I’ve split the songs up into “chill” and “no chill”. Sorry for the bad grammar and everything it implies. But the important thing is that you guys know what I’m talking about. 😛

You should check out everything on this list because, not even kidding, all these songs are worth at least one listen. But, the songs I really liked have hearts next to them. And the songs I can’t stop listening to have…er, double hearts. I swear I’ll make up for the lack of sophistication with my taste in music.



Promesses – Tchami
Unsteady – X Ambassadors 
The Aquatic Garden of Extra-Celestial Delights – Shpongle (okay if the name didn’t tip you off, this is psy. pretty brilliant psy at that)
Castle – Halsey (might be biased because I’m a Halsey fan)
Bye Bye Macadam – Rone
Love Is To Die (Live on Kexp) – Warpaint (would give this a million hearts if I could)

No Chill:

Of These Chains – Red
Burden – Opeth (wait till the chorus because, damn)
Get Lucky – Daft Punk (might be worth a relisten considering someone finally got Loki…er, lucky)
Yellow – Souls In Chains
One of Us – Joan Osbourne
Shoreline – Andrew James ft. Jaimee Harris

My song of the week:

And Warpaint gets another special mention, because, goddamn. Anyway, to see your favourite song on next week’s list, just leave a comment below! Remember assholes, sharing is caring.

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