Music Monday: The Archives #1

It shouldn’t exactly come as a surprise to anyone that I go on hiatuses for months at a time, thanks to lack of inspiration (or in simpler words, because I’m a lazy twat). To fight this, I’ve come up with a brilliant, novel, never before done idea.

…on my blog.

I present to you, #musicmondays. Hashtagged because we’re on social media, and I’m painfully trying to fit in here. So this is how it works: I’ve shared my favourite song of the week below. Everyone who’s reading this right now is encouraged to share one of your own current favourites in the comments (kinda like a potluck except I’ll still be hungry when this is over). In the next #musicmonday post (on 20th June), on top of posting my own recommendation, I’ll also compile a list of all the songs shared in this week’s comments, and highlight the ones that I personally think are worth checking out. And so the vicious cycle continues.

This is the easiest way I can think of to find good music in the era of sponsored ads and non-chronological news feeds.

So here’s my song of the week:

Err…*ducks onslaught of headphones* Fine yes, Flume is something you can find just as easily in the era of sponsored ads (if not more) but I haaave done the courtesy of sharing a song that’s not a single. So non-Flume fans, you’re welcome. Happy tripping!

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