Who knew one-line drawings could look this good?

22-year-old self-taught artist Sohail Khan, also known as Nautilus Shell, has been drawing his whole life. But his recent series of one-line drawings, mainly based on bands, has really taken off, going so far as to be recognized by some of the bands themselves.

Plini by Sohail Khan, which was shared by Plini themselves

Sohail, who has been sketching since he was 6, says that his lifelong interest in the metaphysical and surreal nostalgia is a heavy influence on his art. He also wants his sketches to have a message. For example, Sohail doodled all over his car to raise awareness for autism.

Picture courtesy of Nautilus Shell

“The number of sketches I’ve made are more than the number of words I’ve spoken in my life,” Sohail says.

Being a musician himself, Sohail has done album art for various bands from India, Finland, and the UK. He was also invited to be a guest lecturer at IIT Madras.


Pictures courtesy of Nautilus Shell

The future looks bright for this young artist, who’s all set to release his sketchbooks on Amazon, and work on a collaboration with Adidas.

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  1. QuietBlogster says:

    Very cool. I want that car!

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