Watch Memories of a Machine, a bold and candid short film about female sexuality

Female directors are known for giving an effeminate and emotional touch to their films. But lately, more and more female filmmakers are beginning to show what’s really underneath the surface of a woman — unapologetic quirkiness, and the little contradictions that make her both bold and bashful.

Memories of a Machine by Shailaja Padindala does just that, showing an intimate conversation between fairly newlyweds. It is an almost 10-minute, almost-monologue that rests completely on Kani Kusruti’s performance, and she does a brilliant job, making the audience go from feeling awkward, like they’ve walked in on something they’re not supposed to, to being fully immersed in her ramblings by the time it’s over.


So, what do you guys think about this short film?

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