Watch ‘Little Things’, an Indian web series about modern love

If you’re looking for something cute and laid-back to watch, this just might be it. Dhruv and Kavya are THE couple every average joe can relate to–they’re lazy but they worry about how much fun their friends are off having, they spend more time trying to decide on things than actually doing things, and they bicker about stuff that don’t matter enough for them to even bother reaching a conclusion about.

Throw in the numerous Netflix and Snapchat references, and you get a show that’s not only entertaining, but totally realistic. Dhruv Seghal and Mithila Palkar both make their roles look effortless. Get a taste of the show here:

You can catch episode 1 of this web series #FOMO here. 15 minutes of your time a week for that warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach AND a laugh or two? Totally worth it.

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