Watch Kari, Masala Coffee’s new action-packed music video

Malayalees are known for brilliantly blending their culture with everything else, and Masala Coffee’s new music video is no exception. It starts out with a typical conversation-turned-argument between a couple. As the rock song starts playing, we see a surprisingly fun twist as the couple begins imagining themselves fighting each other, complete with leather jackets, in the middle of a forest. Now and then we see dark flashes of dancers wearing kathakali-style costumes, somehow matching the tone of the song perfectly.

Kari is Jagan Shaji Kailas’ debut music video, and he’s pulled off the concept brilliantly. Watch the video here:


Masala Coffee is a Kerala-based band formed in 2014. They combine aspects of rock, pop and folk music to arrive at a truly unique genre. Follow them on facebook.

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