In conversation with The General about their new music video, Unspoken Words

The General from Chennai is definitely a band to watch out for. Their lineup is a pretty impressive one – Pravir from Gorillas In Grooves on drums, Ramalingam from Koadaari on vocals, Mathew on bass, and Cletus from Vertigo on guitars (not to mention their former members, Arnold Simon from Franks Got The Funk and Albo Judson from Wings of Icarus, who contributed to Unspoken Words and Money For Nothing respectively before moving to other cities).

Their new single, Unspoken Words, is an ode to the struggles we all face in making our loved ones understand that we’ll always be around. The music video alternates between the mental breakdown of the female lead, and shots of the band playing in different places around the city. Krishna Arcot has done a fantastic job with her role.


Why the name ‘The General’?

In Gorillas In Groove, we used to give names to each other. I ended up being called The General as I would make sure the jams, studio recordings, and gigs happened, and basically managed the band. Avi, our vocalist, was called the Mad Scientist, as he was the one concocting cool riffs and putting words to them. MP became the Monk because of his relaxed brilliance in bringing the blues and soul to our sound. For the longest time, I had all these ideas in my head and wanted to bring them out. Ten months back, I started playing guitar and started writing songs. In January this year, I decided to form a band and play the songs I had written. I thought calling it the ‘The General’ was just the thing to do.


The concept for Unspoken Words is a simple one but is executed beautifully in the music video. How did you guys manage to put it all together in what seems like barely any time?

I first envisioned it as a performance video and the first shoot which was directed by Gautham Krishnan (he directed GIG’s Drunk Party Anthem) went well. As I kept listening to the song, I started to see that it had layers of emotions that were being conveyed not just by the vocals, but by the music as well. It was Gautham who pitched the idea first and then it really hit me – we needed the video to tell a story as well. Footage of just the performance wasn’t going to cut it. The song is a portrayal of the struggles a man faces while trying to make his loved one understand that he always has and always will love her despite the arguments and fights. In this particular case, his loved one is a very emotional and anxious person. I wrote and composed this song based on someone in my life and it is my personal message to all those out there who face a similar struggle.


Can we expect more of the same from your future songs?

Yes, you can definitely expect more of the same in terms of emotional content because almost everything I write is based on something that has happened in my life. But in terms of sound, you are gonna hear something very different from this!



Were there any interesting/funny incidents that happened while shooting the music video?

We had slow motion shots of us singing, for which we had to use a sped-up version of the song. It was twice as fast, and hearing the song that way was weird at first and became supremely stupider as the shoot went on. Mouthing the lyrics at that tempo was hard, but Ramalingam (Rambleingam, as we fondly call him) pulled it off like a boss!


What do you have planned next?

We are doing our debut EP as a live in-studio session at AAT Studios, Chennai this month. We’ve been hard at work, jamming and going through six songs, and we are excited as hell about the session. We are also video recording the session and planning to release 2 videos on YouTube. The EP itself will get digitally distributed on all the digital stores.

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