TRODD’s new single ‘Lost’ is all about letting yourself go

Mumbai-based producer Tanmay Rathod AKA TRODD recently released his latest single Lost via nrtya. The dark and tongue-in-cheek track has a lot of surprises in store that not only push boundaries but complement the track in a memorable way.

TRODD on what makes him want to experiment with music

TRODD, whose name is derived from his real name Tanmay Rathod, says having an experimental approach towards music helps him create really unusual pieces of art (as is evident in any of his tracks). “As a producer, it gives me longevity and also refreshes my brain because I don’t have to do things a certain conventional way. For me, music is boundless, and there is no compulsion that it has to be a 3-4 min track or that it has to have a particular arrangement. I try to make my music as different as possible but present it in a rhythmic way. Also, experimentation gives rise to unexplored horizons, and who knows, you might stumble upon something that hasn’t been done before. This fact really excites me and helps me go forward. I believe experimentation is one of the key aspects to grow the alternative music culture as well and I really want to contribute towards that.”

When he’s not making music, he spends time with his friends and has intense life discussions with them. He also goes walks and explores nature, which probably contributes to his creativity.

On local artists and the scene

When asked to pick 3 of his favorite local artists, Tanmay says, “[That’s] a really difficult question because there are so many of them. But if I have to pick three names, that would be Malfnktion, Sandunes and Karan Kanchan.”

Apart from his nrtya release, Tanmay has also released music on one of the jwala compilation albums. We asked him how Mumbai’s ambient electronic artists are doing now as compared to a few years ago. “I can just say that there are a lot of different perspectives that are being brought to the table, which is a really great thing, and I believe that that the number of people trying to get into this electronic ambient scene is rising. All said and done, there are definitely many upcoming ambient producers with fresh/raw content and we really need more people to bridge the gap between artists and listeners.”

tanmay rathod trodd smiling

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What’s next for TRODD

We can expect a chill beat from TRODD pretty soon. “I am also working with a really talented vocalist, so that’s on the cards for now. There’s much more experimental stuff that I am working on, which will come out next year.” We personally can’t wait for new tasty music.

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