LISTEN: May Island’s second EP ‘To Mend A Broken Mind’

Two years after May Island’s first EP Eleonora comes To Mend A Broken Mind, a more aggressive album which marks their foray from instrumental tracks into songs. Fans of their first EP were definitely excited about the comeback, but the new element of lyrics and vocals attracted a wider audience as well, especially considering they’re one of the only bands in India to be hitting that sweet spot between rock and metal – alt rock/post-hardcore. Naturally, their influences include bands like Bring Me The Horizon, Saosin and Underoath, bands that May Island’s vocalist-guitarists Vishnu Kumar and Craig Godinho, and drummer Aaron Almeida, listened to growing up.

Since To Mend A Broken Mind is a concept album that aims to convey the journey of trying to help someone and realizing that they’re beyond that, lyrics were absolutely necessary to express that concept. The third track, Footsteps, stands out in particular, thanks to a collaboration with rapper Jay Visvanath. Both Vishnu and Craig are big fans of rap music. When they came across Jay’s youtube channel Toffee Cable, where he skillfully does rap versions of fairy tales, they immediately reached out to him and sent him a rough electronic demo. His verses easily fit into the concept of the EP and everything came together.

Though the music video for their song All I Have To Say was a last-minute idea, the band (including Sarthak Sharma, who plays bass for May Island at their live performances) wanted to go all out. It was shot and put together by the members themselves, with the help of a few friends.

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