Caesars of the Green’s ‘Thick of Things’ is a must-listen for fans of indie rock

Caesars of the Green is here with their first album, Thick of Things. But it’s not exactly their debut. In the scene since 2011, the band has been recording, releasing and eventually scraping material. They’ve a penchant for quality, clear to anyone who’s viewed their website or paid close attention to the tracks. The fact that Thick of Things is the album that made the cut leads us to wonder what their previous songs sounded like–fingers crossed for demo releases someday.

Of course, it’s refreshing to see a band set the bar high for the whole indie scene. “Quality, although quite subjective, is of paramount importance,” says Sidharth Malik, frontman of Caesars of the Green. “As artists, we always strive for the work we put out to be tasteful and original. It is imperative that we put our best foot forward in all areas, be it music or website, so that it would be worth people’s time.”

Thick of Things itself took 4 years to complete, having been recorded completely twice, since they were unhappy with the output of the initial recordings. The band also went through a complete line-up change, save for Malik. But he adds that it all summed up to a very interesting experience. The other current members are Manish Kestwal on the guitars, Tushar Mohan on the bass, and Siddharth Kaushik on the drums.


The artwork for the album was done by Karan Singh (PCRC, Begum). Singh and Malik worked through a lot of designs before they came up with an original font for the band logo, which everyone liked and was ultimately transformed into the artwork. Following that, the band went through a couple of designers before finding Aviral Kulshreshtha, a freelancer that Singh brought on board. He achieved the feat of using their artwork to make the website both interactive and personal, beautifully.

The band has a very distinct sound within India. Malik explains that though the band members all have varied interests in music and listen to everything from Pop to Metal to Ghazal to old Bollywood, some of the artists that they all follow include Neutral Milk Hotel, Blur, Meshuggah, Avial, Jagjit Singh, Pantera, Arcade fire, Mohammed Rafi, Tool, Velvet underground and Elliott Smith.

Maybe this album was the only kickstart that the band needed, because they’ve already got a lot of other things planned: a music video which is going to be released next month, a pan-India tour in July, and their second album, A Grief for Ages, which is set to be out by the end of this year.



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