Music From The Mountains: The Reasonable Hope’s Debut EP ‘Reminiscences’

The Reasonable Hope is a four-piece post-rock band hailing from Pune, though their music sounds more like it comes from the peace and magnificence of the valleys than the hustle and bustle of a city. Their debut EP ‘Reminiscences’ might have a name that’s generic but it features two phenomenal instrumental tracks that are anything but. We had a chat with Yaduveer, the founder of The Reasonable Hope, about the band’s EP and their newly released music video for Row and Sing.

Tell us a little about the band.

So, we are a four-piece instrumental rock band and we’ve been active with this lineup for about 3 years now. I started this as a solo thing long back, sometime in 2011-12 when I was in school in Shimla, and then I moved to Pune for college. I met Samar (Drums) there and eventually got in our friends Manish and Anant. It was only in 2014 that we became a proper band with the complete lineup. While Anant and Samar have been in Pune for the most part of their lives, Manish (originally from Darjeeling) has been in Pune for about last 7-8 years. I was in Pune for the last 5 years and have moved back home now.

The Reasonable Hope is obviously very in touch with nature. How would you say your love for nature has influenced the music you make?

The love for nature and growing up in the hills for a major part of my life has been the primary reason why this project came into existence. A major part of songwriting came out because of the visuals/visions that were continuously running through my head. The experience of living in the Himalayan villages, and the people and the culture has had its own impact too. Now it’s a little hard to put it in words how this influences the music we make but I guess as soon as a random riff comes up, say while jamming with the band or even when I’m just sitting and writing something, I immediately connect it with some experience and build a story around it and develop a structure. Most of these experiences revolve around the open spaces and the vastness of nature, probably because that’s one of the favourite pastimes, however it’s not just nature but people and experiences in life that have also heavily influenced our music.

The last two minutes of Amidst The Pines is brilliant and not something most listeners will see coming. Was that sound something you achieved while just playing around with the song, or was it how you set out for the song to be?

This is actually the first time someone mentioned this and I feel so good to hear this. Although it was very much set like this right from the first scratch I made, but of course, the entire thing evolved over months and months of jamming and setting up the tones with the band.

The Reasonable Hope black and white on stage

image courtesy of steve chinoy

Mentions of Shimla are strewn around the band. Did you guys ever jam or play up in the hills? How were the jam sessions, usually?

Well, as I mentioned before, I started writing a lot of material in Shimla itself and the place itself has been of essence in the writing process. We haven’t actually jammed here as a band although me and Anant (bass) have jammed/chilled here on a trip a few years back. Our jam sessions in the last one and a half year were usually from 10pm to 12am at our Recording Engineer AJ Eates’ studio in Pune itself. We would get done with our day jobs and would desperately look forward to these 2 hours at the end of the day. We had most of our tracks structured and we would mostly jam but also improvise continuously, then take breaks in the middle, get some fresh air, talk about the what was happening with our lives and discuss about what idea we were working on behind the particular track we were writing. At other times we would end up jamming randomly for an hour or so (can’t deny, but we would trip a lot on that, sadly never recorded any of those sessions cause we would be so engrossed enjoying the entire session).

What’s the most interesting or favorite memory you have of a gig?

Actually, each show that we have played has been a really good experience. Especially because in the independent scene (in Pune at least), the artists you share the stage with and the programmers and the venue crew is so warm and supportive. Probably the last show that we played (1st January, The High Spirits) was the best one, we had the fortune of playing a double bill with our buddies CELESTIAL TEAPOT and some of our closest friends were there to hear our set for the first time. Plus we played fairly tight!

What do you’ve planned next?

We have a couple more songs that we want to put out and hopefully play a few shows as well. Apart from that, we are also working on some collaborations for films/videos for the tracks on the EP with some extremely talented people. The first collaboration with the folks behind The Highroad and The Autofocus released last Friday (17.11.17) and features one of the tracks from our debut EP as the exclusive soundtrack for their project ‘Ode To Iceland’.

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