Tangents makes an impressive debut with ‘Motion/Emotion’

Prog metal band Tangents has just dropped their debut EP ‘Motion/Emotion’, and there’s only one way to feel about it — satisfied. The trio comprises of Siddharth Nair on vocals, Abheet Anand on bass, and Daniel Ancheril on drums.

The seven-track album was produced by Yogeendra Hariprasad, who’s already a familiar name in the scene thanks to his solo project The Yummy Lab, as well as Pineapple Express, and Space Is All We Have. Coupled with the work of artists Sanjana Bhatt and Sachin Bhatt, the album is both sonically and visually pleasing.

We caught up with the band, and here’s what to say about their experience leading up to this album.


Let’s get the basics out of the way; why the name Tangents, and Motion/Emotion? What significance do these things have to you?

We wanted to stand apart from the rest of the crowd and name ourselves Kéo Pepe The Meme Squad. But we realised Tangents sounds a whole lot better and it’s more conventional in the progressive metal genre. We’re pretty sure there’s at least another 58 bands named Tangents around the rest of the world. Fun fact: We actually got tagged on social media for a festival in Manhattan by accident because there was another band with the same name set to perform there.

As to why the album is titled Motion/Emotion, it’s about different human conditions that are related to an equal and opposite emotion. Each song delves into the psyche of different individuals, each affected with a different condition. For example, the song Inevitable deals with schizophrenia. However, we had to stay true to the Tangents psyche, two songs are about Star Wars (Editor’s note: May the fourth be with you!) but they deal with some extremely real human conditions as well that affect us deeply. Give it a gander!

I don’t usually listen to metal but I honestly like this album. Is that a comment people often make about prog metal?

About prog metal, we aren’t particularly sure. But our girlfriends cough (mothers) definitely love it so that’s saying something! The response to the album has been extremely warm and a lot of people who generally don’t listen to metal in any form have related to it at some level and have been listening to it a fair amount! Kendrick Lamar summarises it best in this song.

How was the recording process and collaborating with so many great musicians?

The entire recording process, from pre-production to mastering, was an incredibly insightful experience. It helped us put a lot of things, in terms of our music and us as individuals, into perspective. Sticking to timelines and schedules, working around the clock, and learning from the people that worked on the album with us on matters we knew something and nothing about really humbled us. It was all in all an amazing learning experience and we couldn’t have asked for better people to work on the album with us! The collaborations were exciting and something we didn’t even think about doing till we actually hit the studio to start working on the album. More than their musical ingenuity, what makes the collaborators special to us was the fact that they were friends who shared a similar vision about the music. They’re great people above anything else and we feel honoured to have them play on the album with us! And occasionally on stage.

How was the transition from six to three members? How do you cope when playing live, especially?

The transition was really hard on us initially, but we still wanted to do what we wanted to do, so we went ahead and did what we wanted to do. A lot had changed between the time we wrote the songs and started pre-production, and we faced a lot of challenges. A LOT of challenges. And if we’re being completely honest, a lot of things are going to change all over again and we might go to being a 15-member band. Ya’ll never know. With regard to playing live, we plan on going forward as a three-piece with six members; playing with backing tracks and a whole lot of gusto.

As a band that’s done their debut right without compromising on anything, what would you like to say to newcomers on the scene and aspiring musicians?

To be honest, we are newcomers! But if we really had to answer the question: Don’t compromise on anything, make timelines and stick to them, remember that you won’t know until you ask, and practice your fucking instrument.

Any plans for a music video?

Yah. (Kendrick Lamar summarises it best in this song.)


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