Listen to Stuck In November’s new EP ‘First Visit To Camp Telepathy’

Stuck In November is known for bringing us a plethora of the happiest sounds in existence. Their debut EP ‘First Slice Of Cake’ was math rock at its finest, full of complex riffs and skilled musicianship, but completely natural to hear. Their new EP ‘First Visit To Camp Telepathy’ is an oxymoron – more of the same but radically different. True to its name, the tracks are brimming with organic sounds, reminiscent of a childhood spent frolicking in nature.

But the band has really outdone themselves with Monster, the last track on the album that starts off in the same vein as the rest, but gradually turns sinister, like a camp visit gone wrong with snakes, swamp monsters, and even aliens.


How did the decision to go acoustic come about?

We began to unconsciously accumulate mostly vintage instruments, namely a cruddy banjo, a squeaky clarinet, and a 50-year-old accordion. And when we were away from the jam room, playing the same songs with these instruments, we were a bit shocked at the quality the same songs exuded. There’s some wild imagery that the sound conjures. We’re generally drowned in samples and effects, which is amazing, but this organic approach blew us away and we looked at it as the same material, just created in a prettier parallel reality. 

Additionally, we think it’s boring when people say ‘going acoustic’ but just unplug and play it exactly the same. Booooooooooo.

Strongs is (to our pleasant surprise) on both albums! What gives?

Well, there’s another track that’s on both records. That one and Strongs are completely warped versions of their older selves. The same phrases, just better arranged with wider instrumentation. They’re the same songs, but as far removed from themselves as could be, which is what we do when we “go acoustic.” 

I can’t even begin to imagine how fun your jamming sessions must be. Any interesting stories to share?


There’s always literal and metaphorical cake (and/or churros). I’d say that there’s a magical Pandora’s box that appears only when the three of us get together, and only the three of us can reach into. It’s spooky and special. Here’s the general story. We hit record, and mess with a musical idea. Fifteen minutes later, we’re a bit lost and can’t remember how we got there. Fast forward to later when we listen to the recordings, mostly to find shockingly-almost-perfect songs which we then proceed to “learn.”

What do you’ve planned for your live sets?

We’re looking at being two bands at once. Put simply, doing quiet (acoustic) gigs between loud (regular) gigs. There’s no way we would play the songs on this record in a dingy bar with people on their phones and socialising in the front row. 

What do you’ve planned next?

The crank on the Stuck In November Box mysteriously continues to turn. Feeling very inspired by everything we learnt writing this record, we’re back to being plugged in and noisy, working twice as hard to outdo this record with a nice big full-length pie in the oven. 

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