Keep Your Head High: Tamil Hip-Hop MV ‘Thaazhaadhe’ From Sollisai Selvandhar and Dpac

Tamil rappers Sollisai Selvandhar and Dpac recently dropped their new music video for Thaazhaadhe. The video centers on three characters who are bullied and put down by friends and family – one for being feminine, one for being fat, and another for following his dream of becoming a photographer. It powerfully portrays how they overcome these difficulties, stand up to their bullies, and accept themselves for who they are. Together with the sharp, motivational verses from Sollisai Selvandhar and Dpac, and a groovy, uplifting track to match, the video is a must-watch.

Who are Sollisai Selvandhar and Dpac?

Sollisai Selvandhar: We are independent artists representing real hip-hop from ‘Singaara’ Chennai. I’m Santhosh from the team Sollisai Selvandhar. I’m a rapper, beatboxer and beat producer. I produce, mix and master all of my tracks. Dpac is one of the wittiest rappers in Tamizh hip-hop. He is a beat producer and an emerging beatboxer too. Also, he claims that he is a mimicry artist (but he is not hahaha).

What would you like to say about your songs, especially your recent release?

Dpac: When Sollisai Selvandhar first showed me the beat I was like, “Man, we need to kill this beat.” Then he said it’s a motivational track, and I liked it even better. The shooting was really a new experience for me, there were many young kids working hard for this video, really felt energetic looking at their dedication. The song portrays the various hurdles life gives us and how we can overcome them. “Whatever may happen, never back down” is what we convey through this track. Check out our song Thaazhaadhe on youtube, we are sure you will have a different perspective on your problems.

What exactly is hip-hop/rap culture in a Tamil context? What can you tell us about the scene?

Not just us but almost every single Tamizh hip-hop artist today is influenced by the pioneers, Yogi B and Natchatra. They gave us this beautiful art and now, we are trying to reach it to the general public even more. If it wasn’t for the album ‘Vallavan,’ most of us would’ve been into something different. There are many other contributors to the Tamizh hip-hop community like Boomerang X, Chakrasonic, Sure Da Wun, Psychomantra, Psycho Unit, Watta bottles, Machas With Attitude, Hiphop Tamizha, Tupakeys, G Arulaz and many more.

The scene is getting bigger every day; more and more youngsters are showing interest towards Tamizh hip-hop which is appreciated, but most have a wrong perception on the culture, thinking hip-hop is all about gangsterism and celebration of drug usage and are leading the wrong way. We just want everyone to preach and follow real hip-hop where one must express their views on what’s really happening around us.

What is real hip-hop?

Sollisai Selvandhar: According to me, “real” hip-hop is something in which an artist tries to maintain the integrity of the art and concentrates mostly on spreading the goodness of the culture to the general public through their piece of work. It is saddening that most artists don’t follow this nowadays; all they focus on is a one-hit wonder. This might bring fame to the artist but not the art, and the fame of this type won’t last long. We want people to praise and appreciate the culture and the art more than idolizing a single artist.

What’s your message to your fans?

To be honest, we don’t have any fans as of now, the right term to use is “Friends”. We haven’t made any songs that the general public can enjoy listening to. Our tracks portray reality and people hate to listen to that type of music which is really depressing. All of our songs are based on what we have experienced in our life so far. Youtube views and fame is the last of our concerns. We will keep expressing our views on social injustice and motivation tracks whether people listen to us or not. We have great support from our friends and social media following, they are the ones that kept us driving this far.

Tips for rappers who are just starting and getting into the rap game.

Learn, Love and Live the art before you release anything labeled as hip-hop. Simply rhyming on a 4×4 beat is not hip-hop/rap. Your verse must have something that can educate the listener. It must be something that you should have experienced or the listener had experienced. It is a medium to connect with the listeners’ views which they find hard to express and you should be the one to do it for them. We kindly request upcoming artists to spread and preach real hip-hop.

7. Tell us about your crew and your inspirations.

Sollisai Selvandhar: Sollisai Selvandhar consists of myself (Santhosh), Sai Dinesh Badram (our executive director and hype man, he is good at “popping” so we call him ‘Popz’), our cinematographer, Bala Siva (Bala’s Photography), our editor, Radhakrishnan Kumar (RJ Editz – he is the asst. editor for the movie Kaadhal Kasakkudhaiya), our young creative directors, Chidambaram and Sairam, and our beloved brothers who are the backbone of our every single video.

Dpac: I’m currently a solo artist. Sollisai Selvandhar and I have a good vibe going between us. We just wish this persists. We love working together, and sometimes he acts as a guide for me. I just like how thing are right now. Maybe in the future, we may work as part of the same crew.

Our Inspirations are Yogi B, Dr.Burn, Eminem, Chakrasonic, Rabit Mac, Kendrick Lamar and many more.

What are your future plans?

Sollisai Selvandhar: Our plan is to be recognized as one of the best and realest Tamizh hip-hoppers in the industry. Our main aim is that our music should be heard and educative to others even after our demise.

Dpac: My future plan is to start a production house. I want to help many talented poor artists like me who are struggling in this art without proper guidance. I just want to give them a chance to prove themselves that no one gave us while we grew up.

Shout outs.

Shout outs to all our brothers and sisters who kept supporting us from day one, to DVYN Music for giving us such a wonderful piece of music, to the Pioneers and to every single person who respects and spreads hip-hop. Long Live Tamizh, Long Live Hip-hop.

Nandri Vanakkam.

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