Simplers’ Project releases debut album ‘Into The Woods’

Folktronica duo Simplers’ Project is back after two years with their debut album ‘Into The Woods’. Diptendu Das and Ritaban Das are the two halves of the Simplers’ Project, with Diptendu producing the music and Ritaban composing and writing. Everything from their music to their album art to the way they interact with their fans on social media is simple and refreshing. Starting with a magnificent self-titled intro track, the album takes us on a compelling journey.

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Why the name Simplers’ Project?

We believe that simplicity is the best way of life. And to us, music is the meaning of life. So as we venture into the universe of music-making and sampling, the idea of a simplistic approach guides us most of the time. Thus we love to make complex things in simple ways, that’s what Simplers’ Project is all about.

Do you both sit down and make the songs together, or do you take charge of your individual domains?

We actually follow a hybrid workflow. Sometimes we sit together to make a tune or the sounds, and sometimes we just do our own things which come together later on.


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How did the collab with Ross David come about?

We discovered Ross on Soundcloud for the first time. We got totally hooked on his vocal ability and contacted him via Facebook to collaborate on a track called Through The Sky. He was excited about our music too, and thus it happened.

simplers' project

image courtesy of simplers’ project

What does music mean to both of you?

M = Melodic
U = Unique
S = Simple
I = Independent
C = Creativity

Which are your personal favorite tracks off this album?

All of them. They are all our children.

What’s next for you?

Thanks for asking. We are looking forward to go live next year. Other than that, we have also started working on our next album.

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