Organic meets electronic in Sid Vashi’s debut album ‘Azuma Kazuma’

Electronic artist/producer Sid Vashi released his debut album ‘Azuma Kazuma’ last week. It’s easy to be tricked into thinking this is just another ambient/instrumental album until you realize that the music will not share your attention with anything else. It features collaborations with The F16s’ Josh Fernandez, and Soopy and Divya Lewis.

Ghost Don’t Follow Me is a journey studded with mechanical beeps and primal screams, as if technology and nature are at war with each other, until a soulful interlude makes them settle into a comfortable rhythm. Prey pulls you in with familiarity, but it does have a few surprises in store. And Hauz is a earworm of a track, making you wish the album didn’t just end there.

Having graduated with a degree in neuroscience, and being one of the founders of the Salvage Audio Collective, a group of producers who provide commercial audio solutions, Vashi debunks the idea that the mind can only accommodate either art or science. He thinks of both as forms of exploration, tools for understanding the world and ourselves.

Sid Vashi has been playing instruments since he was 9 years old, after he first picked up a harmonium. At the age of 14, he tried recording a space album on a tape recorder. In a way, ‘Azuma Kazuma’ is an album that has been sitting in Vashi’s mind for years, waiting for the right time to come alive.

Enter Johnny Ganta, the visual collaborator on the album, who has blended the themes of outer space and exotic nature seamlessly, essentially adding a whole new dimension to songs like Ghost Don’t Follow Me. With a different piece of artwork for every song, Vashi and Ganta wanted to create a whole new world which listeners could immerse themselves in.



Vashi will be joined by a drummer and a keyboardist for his live sets. There are three significant, elaborate gigs planned, so this is definitely something you’ll want to keep an eye out for.

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