Saravana Gowtham is taking things up a notch

This 22-year-old has a lot more things under his belt than most people his age do: professional guitarist, sound engineer, lyricist and rapper who’s worked on several projects including a feature film, composer for short films, owner of 2 Face Studios, EDM producer, and has been a part of several bands like Finix and OCTL.

Having picked up his first guitar at the age of 14, Saravana Gowtham grew up to form the Coimbatore-based rock band Laazh, which so far has released the hypnotizing single Maayi. He’s also a part of Agam Puram, a two-man project with his friend and Laazh bandmate Vijay Narayan, whose musical tastes include pretty much everything on the face of the Earth.

Saravana states Avenged Sevenfold, Opeth, Steven Wilson, Pink Floyd and Metallica as a few of his influences. He talks enthusiastically about the upcoming release of his band Agam Puram’s EP, which is currently undergoing its final stages of production.

Since they don’t have any conscious plans of sticking to any one genre of music so far, this band’s journey is going to be fun to see. Check out the teaser of their EP Sibyl here:


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