Purva Ashadha releases new single, ‘Alpha Decay’

Experimental electronic music producer Tamzid Rahman AKA Purva Ashadha recently released his new single Alpha Decay. This psychedelic experience of sound is laced with distinct melodies clearly reminiscent of genres like indie rock and triphop, and it’s this relatability, paired with the skillful structuring and layering of sounds, that makes the song so appealing. In this interview, he talks to us about the birth of Purva Ashadha, and what’s next for him.

Tamzid Rahman was born and raised in Assam, where he fell in love with music at the age of 13. That love quickly became his getaway from the world around him, and ever since then, he hasn’t been able to sate his curiosity for finding sounds and turning them into the nuances of music. “My growing interest in music opened up an infinite door to experimentation with sound,” Tamzid says. “I’d already figured out near the end of my schooling days that this is what I wanted to do in life, as a career out of home.”

So right after graduating from school, Tamzid moved to Mumbai to do his degree in Audio Engineering and Electronic Music Production. It was there that Blooming Shapes, his first project with two of his friends, was born. He decided to simultaneously venture out into the wilder experimental journey of sound, and unearthed his latest initiative, Purva Ashadha.

Purva Ashadha is a term in astronomy which Tamzid has always been fascinated by. It stands for energy, truth and quality. It is symbolic of gushing rivers merging with the ocean, a meaning that clearly resonated with him. “Purva Ashadha means, to me, that we transcend our physical and mental boundaries, and seek the bigger universe out there. I hope to explore the same and continuously push the boundaries with my music and let it live on endless.”

Unlike most other musicians, Tamzid takes care of the artwork for his music as well. “All artists are multi-dimensional in terms of executing their art, it’s just that some people find it easier to translate that to someone. I, however, find it very difficult at times to explain the emotions and images behind my work, and even if I do, I only manage to pass on about half of what I wanted, so I decided to test those waters myself with this project, and the response has been wonderful. I believe that no art is better than another, and there is no way of comparing one to another. It is just a way of expression and it can never be wrong or right.” Still, Tamzid continues to have a bunch of creatives around him with whom he can go back and forth on ideas and concepts. He always feels the need to explore the visual dimension to complement the sonic one.

Purva Ashadha - Tamzid Rahman

image courtesy of purva ashadha

As for the great response that Purva Ashadha has gotten in just a few months, Tamzid says, “Although this project was birthed a few months ago, the conception of it has been in my head for a while. I like to envision my work before it becomes tangible. If I can’t see the direction I’m headed in, I usually don’t go that way, so this has been a pre-mediated effort of mine. I am so humbled by the response, especially because of the type of music I make; it’s not mainstream and not typically ‘’radio hits.’’ But such indie art will grow, and the culture will allow it to perpetuate into the people with time. I see a brighter horizon coming. If it is gaining any attention, then I hope it’s because people are standing by my side and seeing what I see as the future of inde music. And most importantly, making the music and the act more important than the person or his face. The primary idea is having musical content that is non-conventional yet engaging. ”

When the topic of genre comes up, Tamzid says, “Psytrance is a lovely genre. I have composed and performed a lot of psytrance and psychedelic music inclined compositions since it is something I started off with. But the whole idea of being restricted to a particular genre seems limited and depressing to me. Every day I wake up, I want to work on a clean slate and go [about it] according to my mood and situation, just like any other songwriter. So, I claim my genre to be ‘experimental music.'”

Through Purva Ashadha, Tamzid hopes to instill a state of trance and spirituality in his music, something that arouses surreal emotions within him or the listener. The message in his songs is that creativity comes from within, and that it’s true for each of us. We should not be hypnotized by what we’ve seen or made to believe growing up by the media or the society, and use that same logic to judge art and creativity. “I sometimes imagine this: if none of what we have today had ever existed, and if we were just cavemen, what would I feel while I listen to a composition or look at a work of art? I believe that there’s no wrong or right way to do anything, and that if done with love, emotion and constant determination, anything is a work of art,” he adds.

Following his release Alpha Decay on NRTYA, he’ll be release two Purva Ashadha albums that he’s been preparing for the past few months, along with live sessions. He’s been collaborating with numerous artists every week. You can keep up with all this on his youtube channel. Part 3 of the Purva Ashadha Live Sessions will be releasing in a few weeks.

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