Chill with Owlist’s new lo-fi single ‘Slides’

Nitesh Jhurani AKA Owlist has just released his new single Slides via nrtya. This lo-fi track is an addictive loop of sax and chill beats that makes everything around you seem to move in slow motion.

Although he’s been producing music for the last 3 years, it was only a while ago that Nitesh discovered lo-fi music, and he immediately fell in love with the old-school vibes of the genre. “I really love samples and synths are used and arranged in such a way that it creates a perspective about the whole track. And the best part about this genre is that it’s not perfect. It’s not meant to be perfect,” Nitesh says.

His songs generally begin with a snippet of a speech that sets the tone for the entire track. It’s a great way to shed some perspective on tracks without vocals. “I always wanted my tracks to have a little story,” Nitesh says. “So I thought I’ll try adding some heavy dialogues or words from somewhere, so if someone is listening to my track, they can try to imagine or relate something about it, and these wordplays would help the track to build that story part. And it sounds cool too.”

Nitesh Jhurani playing live

image courtesy of nitesh jhurani

Nitesh works in a radio company as a promo producer, but he hopes to do music full-time in the future. When asked about the scene in Jaipur, Nitesh says, “The indie music scene in Jaipur is not that great. There are several artists who are trying to make the scene a little better. Jaipur is more into the mainstream music scene. And there are very few places where people enjoy underground or indie genres of music. So overall, the scene is small. But I’m sure soon it’s gonna pop up good.”

Nitesh cites old-school jazz, Jim Croce and modern hip-hop as his influences. “Other than that, I keep on digging stuff up on the internet. These days, I’m listening to Joji’s new EP, ‘In Tongues.’ Super chill and lo-fi stuff.”

His EP is set to release soon. Other than that, he’s working on new stuff and experimenting with his beats. “I cannot stick to just one genre. I just want to make beats and perform at as many places as I can.”

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