Monkey Town Arts & Music Festival is restoring our faith in the indie scene

The south may be home to some of India’s finest acts, but when it comes to music festivals, it’s barren land. It’s hard enough to think of music festivals in busy cities like Chennai and Kochi, let alone in the calm of the hill stations. But an enthusiastic group of people from Ooty are changing all that.

The second edition of Monkey Town Arts & Music Festival is here, organized in collaboration with Silly Monks, Event Monks and Monkstar Music. With everyone’s favourite vacation spot, Ooty, as the backdrop, Monkey Town promises to entertain and enlighten festival-goers this weekend, on the 14th and 15th of April, at Space 4 Resorts. Curated from over a 100 acts who registered, an exciting mix of 12 bands and DJs have been lined up for the two days, along with a couple of bands in and around Ooty. Like all festivals, the music will be accompanied by visual elements like flow artists, visual artists, live painters and jugglers.

But as its name suggests, Monkey Town lends a huge focus to local artists, providing the perfect platform for them to showcase their work. Art lovers will find themselves right at home with the many exhibitions, installations and workshops, from the likes of Namaha Art Community, and Ari Jayaprakash, from Kuru Circus & Orchestra. The festival aims to promote various art forms like the Poi, graffiti and indigenous dance forms of the local culture.


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Keeping in line with their eco-friendly theme, there will also be workshops that are environment-friendly, like the compost workshop by Nikhita Lakshmikanth, and a recycling workshop by a woman who works out of Ooty making earrings out of plastic bottles. At the heart of the festival is a noble vision: to spread awareness on preserving Ooty, and also on the depleting state of the environment as a whole.

Last year, at the end of the first day, everyone gathered around a campfire and jammed till sunrise, which the organizers described as “a very communal and powerful feeling, which is what the whole festival is about.” This year, they’ve a lot more planned. Thanks to a collaboration with Add Ventures Unlimited, there’ll be a camping site where people can camp and mix with the artists. A small trek and other adventure activities will also be organized on the morning of the second day.

Submerging people in nature and encouraging interaction between artists and festival goers, Monkey Town easily sets itself apart from other festivals. This is not an experience you want to miss…as long as you’re above the age of 18.

Full Lineup:

14th April
Cosmic Resonance
Mind Map
Space Is All We Have
Old Man Earth

15th April
Marcus Find A Gun
The Family Cheese
Kuru Circus & Orchestra
Junkyard Groove
Thaikkudam Bridge



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