Metal band Orchid has finally put out an EP after years of touring — and you can stream the whole thing on YouTube

For everyone who’s familiar with the scene, Orchid is a name you’d have come across at least once. They’re a four-piece band from Bangalore who’ve been around for a few years. And now, after recently signing with Bangalore Recording Company, they’ve finally released their self-titled EP.

If you think their album art is compelling, check out what they had to say in this interview. And of course, listen to their EP Orchid here:


1. Your genre is listed as ‘deercore.’ What does that mean?
It’s a satire; we didn’t want to be typecast or labeled as a “certain type” of band.

2. Your song titles are all pretty interesting. What meaning do they hold to you?
All the tracks on the EP have their back story/inspiration, but they all share psychological undertones. The first track “Civic TV” is based on David Cronenberg’s 1983 cult film Videodrome. The second track “Venusian Death” is based on Ray Bradbury’s The Long Rain (1950), which follows a group of astronauts as they slowly descend into madness after crash-landing on a terraformed Venus where it rains perpetually. The third track “Disorder” deals with mental disorders and the fourth track of the EP “Migrate” very loosely follows a bit of Ghost in the Shell (1995) philosophy.

3. What inspires you?
Music from a ton of mostly weird-ass bands. And films, art, sounds… Anything strange or out of the ordinary inspires us.


4. It seems you guys have been playing gigs for a long time. How was that experience, and do you think it’s going to be any different now that you’ve put out some material?
We’ve been in the scene for a while now but we’re quite picky about the shows we play, so it’s been a little sporadic. Having said that, the few shows we play are put together quite meticulously and we make sure we always put in our best, regardless of set duration, circumstance or the venue. Now that the EP is out, we hope to see a lot more people at our shows; the response to the EP has been pretty great. More importantly, people will have some idea of what to expect at our shows, if they haven’t been to any previously. We’re putting together a launch show in Bangalore first and also talking to a few venues across the country promote the EP.

5. Is there any particular memory/experience that makes you glad that you’re in the metal scene?
We don’t really consider ourselves a metal band entirely. We’re sure some people would agree. Heh. But yeah, it’s great. It’s a small but growing community and there a few great bands we really like. Metal fans are some of the most passionate people you will ever meet. So cheers to that.

6. Any gigs coming up?
A launch show is definitely in the pipeline for which the logistics are being worked out right now. We plan on playing quite an elaborate set accompanied by some hi-def visuals and lighting. We’re trying our best to put this together as soon as possible without compromising on the quality to deliver the perfect Orchid experience to fans and new audiences alike. Once that is done, we’ll look at playing in other cities across the country.


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