Meet the guy behind the heartbreaking but empowering photo series, Aaradhka

Stories told through a photo series have been gaining popularity recently, thanks to our very own Bangalore-based photographer, Arjun Kamath (Avani, anyone?). They’re diverse in genres and styles, but most of them center around a social issue.

Kishore Frederick has taken one such social issue and portrayed it brilliantly, while also proving that you don’t need fancy equipment to take quality pictures and tell a story.

Aaradhka, which means adorable, is about an independent woman who dresses to her liking and is comfortable in her own skin. We see what happens when such a woman is put in an Indian setting, that too at night. Not all women would have experienced anything close to what Aaradhka goes through, but all of us are definitely afraid of it.


Aaradhka is shoved into an abandoned building.

Kishore chose this issue as he felt it was relevant to present-day Indian society, He also wanted to bring awareness about basic laws to everyone, using his photography as a platform. Although the motive of the characters in the story are open to interpretation, Kishore explains that Aaradhka is a bold woman, and urges women to face things head on instead of relying on the help of others.



Aaradhka’s perpetrator hurting a guy who tries to come to her aid.

He also says he wants to break the myth that photography is a costly venture. For this photo series, Kishore has used minimum photography equipment, mainly his Nikon D750, two flashlights worth Rs 1500 each, a basic torchlight, and…get this—mobile phone flash.



Aaradhka is overcome by the seriousness of the situation.

When looking at these photos, you’ll never be able to tell that Kishore began dwelling in photography only a year and 4 months ago. Practice and passion do go a long way. Kishore is an MBA student in Chennai.

We’re not going to spoil the story for you, but it has something to do with Section 96 of the Indian Penal Code. View the entire series here.

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