MEET: NEECIA MAJOLLY, the one-woman army behind the award-winning Majolly Project

Neecia Majolly, better known for her music as the Majolly Project, is not just a jack of all trades, but a master of many as well; she’s a concert pianist, singer/songwriter, teacher, choir director, and the Founder-Trustee of the Majolly Music Trust.

Born and brought up in Brunei in an environment of Western classical music, Majolly was always destined for a life of music. And along with western classical music, she grew up listening to the UK and US Top 40 songs, keeping up with the popular trends so she could achieve her goal, which, since she was 11, has been to be a rock diva.


Her background of western classical music largely contributes towards the sound of the Majolly Project, setting herself apart instantly from other artists in the scene. The tracks are reminiscent of bands like Within Temptation and Evanescence, and have already received many awards like Gold Medal awards for ‘Best Emerging Artist’ and ‘Best Song’ from The Global Music Awards, and the Best Alternative Rock Music award from Akademia Awards, Hollywood. Her reaction to winning all these awards is, “It feels absolutely fantastic! But there is much work to be done, and so much more to accomplish, and I am all geared up for what the future may bring.”

Whitebone video created by the Headless Hippies

Majolly draws inspiration for her songs from social, political and personal issues. For example, Whitebone was written after news about the cruel ivory trade, which resulted in the extermination of elephants at an alarming level, affected her deeply. It was also the first serious song she wrote, back in 1993, though released only recently. She says that there are many songs up her sleeve that are highly charged. The response to her music so far has been positive, and her fans find that it touches them on an emotional and spiritual level.

Like with every serious musician, Majolly describes her musical journey as “ups and downs”. Since she deals with both Western classical and rock music, she has to face different challenges, but she welcomes them and forges ahead.

The Majolly Project’s fourth single, Fenced Circle, is set to release in January 2017.


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