Bored of mandalas? We just might change your mind

The mandala craze has picked up more than ever, with every artist trying their hand at it at least once. Besides being pleasant to look at (oh the symmetry…), the process of drawing a mandala is calming as well, which makes it the perfect tool in therapy. Mandala as a type of art originated from the spiritual symbol in Hinduism, which represents the universe. So it’s no wonder that there’s a poetic allure to mandalas when you set your eyes on them.

Seasoned artists, though, have taken the art of mandala one step – or maybe a leap – further. Mandalas that are colorful…

@ta_i_pa, @drdesign_47

Mandalas that are trippy…

@azu_andreu,, @nico.valenz, @lady_meli_art

Mandalas that are used as a background…

@artof_tn, @flowers_and_pebbles

And manadalas that break the ordinary confines altogether…

(in clockwise order) @taradawnart, @ketumserhatun, @celestial_art_ahmed, @rkrishnappa_

We reserved @bronwynlundberg’s mandalas for last. What a time to be alive.

If you’re an artist, we hope this post inspired you. And if you’re someone who can’t draw for shit like us? Join us, we can wallow in our mediocrity together.

P.s. Leave your mandala art in the comments and we’ll be sure to check it out. x

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