Listen to Tere Bin, a melodious Hindi song by Pankaj Rajkhowa and Tom Borah

Tere Bin promises to be a song that takes you through a simple love story — but not necessarily one with a happy ending. The video takes us through the beautiful moments that a couple share, both the ups and the downs.


Pankaj Rajkhowa is an IT Professional, and a known face in the music scene of Bangalore. Pankaj picked up the guitar at the age of 8 and thus began his love affair with music. Right from his school days, he’s had a great interest in music and performed with many popular artists as a bassist and guitarist. He also plays the piano, classical guitar, and percussion instruments like the Congo and the Zembe, and folk instruments like the Dhol. Pankaj owes his recognition to his previous band Voodoo Child, and currently has his own band, G#Sharp. Tere Bin is his first Hindi song as a music composer and producer.

Tom Borah, singer/songwriter, writes songs about life, something he can relate to and express well via his writing. He feels that happiness is momentary and sadness is something that always exists for a longer time in one’s life, a theme that is present in Tere Bin. Music has become an integral part of Tom’s life, and he says he will continue to contribute to music and carry it forward.


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