LISTEN: SUBMARINE IN SPACE’s new single Take Off

Submarine in Space is, as frontman Abhishek Mittal puts it, a creative endeavour to bring out fresh music from seemingly incongruent sources. Inspired by genres ranging from Old school jazz to Hindustani classical, he believes that describing his music would involve a series of epithets, simply identifying it as an expression of honesty. Transcribing deep seated emotions to the fretboard, he is flanked by musicians who stay true to this spirit.


Photo courtesy of Submarine in Space

Initially, Mittal didn’t have any thoughts of forming a band and just recorded tunes for himself. The idea of roping in other musicians to play with him emerged when he started listening to various artists who were on the same lines. As a band, Submarine in Space had their first rehearsal in December last year, and Mittal says he fell in love with the vibes just a few minutes in. Since then, they have been rehearsing together, and he wants to thank fellow band members Madhur, Vaibhav and Raaed for believing in him and encouraging him to do this.


Take Off’s new-age rock vibes captivates us from the start, patiently building up to an utterly fulfilling climax.

As for the aftermath of the release of their first single, Submarine in Space say that they are overwhelmed and feel really humbled to have received such an amazing response from the audience. Mittal adds, “We feel that if you put your heart into something, there is no way people won’t like it. We just try to express whatever we feel through our music and the people liking it and appreciating it is the only thing we want.”

The band has started writing songs for their album even while working on their live set, as they feel that the more they write together as a band, the more their music evolves. They stick to this and try to come up with something new in every rehearsal. They’ve a lot in store for everyone, including a launch gig within the next couple of months. They will also be releasing more of their tracks very soon.


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