Venture into Candyland with Komorebi’s debut album ‘Soliloquy’

Komorebi’s debut album ‘Soliloquy’ is a must-listen for a number of reasons. Tarana Marwah has already made a name for herself thanks to her fascinating electronica tracks, but in ‘Soliloquy,’ she goes one step further by proving herself as a skilled songwriter and vocalist. While her previous songs were mostly experimental and unpredictable for the listener, the songs on this album are more structured, presenting the stage to tell her stories on. The album features collabs with industry favorites Sohrab Nicholson (Lands), Warren Mendonsa (Blackstratblues), and bass prodigy Mohini Dey. Each song seems a little more intimate and a little more hypnotizing than the previous one, almost as if luring us into Candyland, the imaginary realm that the album is set in.

Our Pick: Hurricane (feat. Mohini Dey)
“Drizzle a bit of that jazz on me
And you’ll see just how unpredictable I can be”


The very title ‘Soliloquy’ suggests that this is a very personal album for you, as compared to when you drew inspiration from anime. How did this change come about?

There isn’t a comparison. My inspirations for writing remain a constant, and always will. (Original soundtracks from anime are why I do what I do.) However, the album in question is indeed a very personal bit of music. I wanted to convey a certain level of vulnerability to my listeners, and break the fourth wall. The response so far tells me this has worked quite well.

Most of your tracks before ‘Soliloquy’ had no or minimal vocals. What influenced or inspired you to add vocals in this album?

Well, I have a voice and I need to use it. Wanted to participate more actively in the evolution of my artistry! With ‘Soliloquy,’ I’ve experimented with vocals, and various collaborations in the field of art. Perhaps in the next body of work, I will experiment with language.

How much involvement did you have in the visuals that accompany Time? Was it what you had in mind when you wrote the song?

Quite a bit. Siddhant, Siddhartha and I would sit and have meetings where we’d discuss relevant themes and elements for the video. Time is sort of a critique, a satire set in a dystopian world called “Candyland.” The lyrical content is strong, which is why it’s a lyric video. Yes, I wanted it to be eerie and leave people feeling unsettled.

Komorebi with a lollipop

image courtesy of rafique sayed

Any interesting stories to share about the recording process?

I must give credit to Rohan Ramanna for treating me with such immense respect and patience, and for turning my ideas into reality. I took an entire month out just to track vocals, drums, and a couple other live elements at Cotton Press Studio. While a lot of the production was done at home, Rohan partook in a bit of additional production and taught me a lot about creative ways to approach music. Truly an enriching experience, and a wonderful team (Shout out to JJ! What a drummer). Wish I had recorded it.

Delhi has a special place for its electronic artists. Name three artists you’d recommend.

Check out Zokova, TankBund and Mosko.

What do you’ve planned next?

More collaborations with animators and visual artists. A couple of releases on the new album from GRAIN (Gaurav Raina). And a very special OST EP coming out soon in collaboration with Keshav Dhar.

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