LISTEN: K/D/A’s new single ‘All Paths Lead To Conflict’

Mumbai-based producer Aniket Vidyadhar AKA K/D/A, who has been featured in playlists and played at prominent venues, has just dropped his new single All Paths Lead To Conflict via nrtya. Like all his tracks, All Paths Lead To Conflict pushes the boundaries of house music with a melodic blend of synths and string instruments like the zither and the gayageum.

Tell us a bit about yourself and the name K/D/A.

I’m a big Chelsea FC fan and an avid gamer. K/D/A is actually a term associated with the game DOTA2.

When did you first start making music, and house music in particular?

I’d started producing music about 4 years ago. I produced primarily downtempo music back then under the alias of Blent. Though I’d decided to retire that alias sometime mid-2016. Took a break from music for a few months. It was around the start of 2017 that I’d resumed my interest in music. I’d come across YouTube channels such as Slav, Moskalus, and Houseum. It was on these channels that I’d heard House music with a lo-fi/raw aesthetic. Soon after, I began tampering with the tempos usually associated with house music. These experiments led to ‘Backdrops,’ my debut EP as K/D/A.

All Paths Lead To Conflict has a very intense build-up. What frame of mind were you in when producing this song in particular?

I’d gotten out of a short-lived but significant relationship. It’d also been a while since I’d released a track/EP (I’d been experiencing a creative rut). I felt like I needed something to hold on to, cause my life had seemed to have gone awry. I felt like I was at the tip of an abyss during the making of this track. Having released it though, I don’t feel that way anymore. I feel relieved. I’ve also moved on to working on other tracks.

What’s your favorite part of producing a track?

Since my tracks are very loop-driven, I think making a core loop that acts as a fulcrum for the rest of the track to be built upon, is probably my favorite part of producing a track. Sometimes it takes minutes. Sometimes hours.

K/D/A Aniket Vidyadhar

image courtesy of k/d/a

It seems you haven’t done any collabs till now. Are you open to the idea in the future?

I actually do have a collab in the oven. It’s with Barasingha, a Mumbai-based producer, and the track (as of now unreleased) is a jazzy, footwork number with elements of film noir. Beyond that, I haven’t really collaborated with anyone though I’m definitely open to the idea of working with more people in the future.

What’s next for you?

I intend to explore house music even further. I’ve also been working on some footwork tracks. So these experiments might end up as an album or a couple of EPs. I’m just focusing on creating more tracks as of now. I can worry about packaging them later. A music video is planned as well for one of my unreleased tracks.

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